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An Invitation

This is an invitation for you to consider how you can give back to God a portion of what God has already given to you. All of us have the responsibility to discern how, why and what we are able to give. Each of us has a different understanding of how we give of ourselves, our time and our offerings to God. Many people serve in the ministry of the church with their time and talents. Some people tithe, while others share their charitable giving to ministries, church organizations and other non-profits.

If you are new to Shepherd of the Hills or to church, a pledge/commitment helps us plan our budget for each upcoming year in discerning the ministries we offer. As disciples of Jesus Christ we believe prayerful consideration of how we use our resources is essential spiritual discipline.

At Shepherd of the Hills, we have experienced Gods generosity thorough you. Thank you for your prayers, for sharing your faith and generosity with us! We are blessed to be a blessing and as Jesus said, Its in giving yourself away for my sake that youll discover yourself, and real life!



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